Georgia – a New Player in the Rose Oil Production Market.

During the period of former Soviet Union, distillation of essential-oil cultures, and, in particular the rose oil, was carried out in the active phase. The rose plantations and distillation plants were disposed in Kakheti, Qareli and Telavi regions, on 1500 hectares, which were destroyed after dissolution of the Soviet Union.

“Greenvillage”, LLC in 2014, in the territory adjacent to the village Tchabukiani in Lagodekhi region, took up with propagation of the Damascus Essential-Oil Rose on 150 ha, at the same time a distillation plant was built, engaging the method of steam distillation.

In spring 2017 the first harvest of roses was cropped and the first rose oil was produced. As a result of testing in the laboratories of Turkey and Switzerland its high quality was fixed.

Thereafter the oil was introduced to the European market. At present the Company continues with the extension of plantation and plans to enter the World Market. Beyond this, creation and development of a tourist zone is planned.


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